Why You Should Choose AA Frame for Your Video Production

Choosing the right agency to capture your story and create high-quality videos for your company and products can be downright challenging.  However, even with the magnitude of possibilities, you may still be nervous about wasting time, money, or other resources with the wrong company. For this reason, it is essential to research and understand what a specific production agency can offer you!

At AA Frame, we strive to create incredible films showing your company’s best qualities, product benefits, and brand. What makes AA Frame an exceptional choice for your filming needs, though? Let’s dive deeper into why you should consider working with us on your next video production project!

We are Based in Serbia 🇷🇸

Serbia is located in the central-southern part of Europe.

Our production studio, AA Frame, is based in Serbia, giving us a huge advantage over other filming agencies. Serbia is known for its cinematic wealth due to its popular filming destinations, and the easy-to-access government filming permits granted. In fact, the cinematic industry has grown 3 times in the last 4 years. So, why exactly has Serbia become such a popular destination in filmmaking?

The Serbia Scenery

Serbia hosts a vast array of beautiful scenery and landscapes. Because of our large assortment of terrain, architecture, towns, and cultures, our shooting locations are limitless, making it the perfect place for various filming needs.

Just to list a few of the shooting locations available in Serbia:

Diverse Casting Models

Serbia has a high diversity volume, allowing us to choose models that accurately represent your targeted audience. With a variety of cultures in Serbia, there is no shortage of beautiful, talented, and diverse actors, actresses, and models. Additionally, our directing and casting team is proficient in visualizing the needs of your project, making them adept at casting models that fit your company’s image.

Top-Tier Equipment

We are equipped to shoot your video with any equipment required for your project. With access to top-tier equipment like Alexa and Red cameras, we can always provide high-resolution and exceptional image quality to our clients. We have everything from standard and readily available cameras to exclusive equipment!

Full-Service Video and Photography Production

Our highly experienced team of creative filmmakers provides full video and photography production. By this, we mean that AA Frame will take care of all the nitty gritty details and the bigger picture needs. In addition, our team will develop a unique script, conduct casting, and select the appropriate site for filming.

Our team will also take care of the post-production. These include editing, animation, VFX, SFX, music licensing, sound mixing, and color grading. You won’t have to worry about doing any of the work yourself; we will deliver a completed and ready-to-launch video!

High-Quality Content at Affordable Rates

Filming in Serbia also comes with cost advantages. Because of Serbia’s global market, our team can offer high-value products at competitive prices. In Serbia, filming rates average 40% lower than American filming rates, giving us the benefit of quality and affordability!

Need Help Budgeting for Your Video Production?

We authored an article with all the essential information you need to know about budgeting accurately. In the article, we will discuss how much money you should budget for and provide insights on how you can save more money partnering with AA Frame over other American-based production agencies.

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Our Services are Provided Remotely

One of the other remarkable features we provide at AA Frame is the ability to have all your production needs met remotely. Our team can offer you to watch a live stream of the filmmaking development so that you can closely look at our real-time progress. You will get the chance to view the recording process through the lens of our cameras as we film your video!

Additionally, we utilize Notion’s software application as a virtual project manager. This allows us to coordinate with members of your company or organization on project objectives, deadlines, and other expectations.

As a client of AA Frame, you will have the option to view every step of the video filming and production process. In addition, you can leave notes through the software for our team to review and set up ZOOM meetings with us whenever you want to discuss your project.

The Take-Away

AA Frame can provide a video production experience like no other. Our team of skilled and creative professionals can develop unique films that share your company’s story, promote brand awareness, or sell a product. We could go into more detail about how we are based in a stunningly beautiful country with unlimited diverse scenery or how we are an affordable option that continues to use top-tier equipment. Still, one major component makes us stand out from the crowd. That is why we absolutely love our jobs!

Ultimately, the bottom line is that AA Frame is the best because we care! We really enjoy the art of filmmaking and are continuously putting in our all and staying updated on the newest trends and resources so we can always provide you with extraordinary content.

Ready to begin a video production experience like no other? Contact us at office@aaframe.co for a free consultation with one of our representatives.