What You Should(not) Include in Your Brand Video Production

Creating the perfect brand video is essential to ensuring your company’s vision is displayed accurately and that you are increasing your overall brand awareness. In addition, you want the content produced to be digestible and memorable. Finally, a quality brand video production should inform your consumers who you are, what you stand for, and why they should partake in your company’s products.

If you want to film a top-tier brand video, there are a few things you want to include and a few things you may want to avoid. As professionals in the video production industry, we have created a guide with 5 of our most recommended dos and don’ts so you can create a winning brand video!

Don't Put too Much Focus on the Product

Regarding brand video production, the focus is not ideally placed on a specific product or service. In fact, many brand videos do not even acknowledge their products. This is because brand videos aim to create awareness about what your brand stands for, not what it sells.

Think of it this way; you want to focus on the viewer, not the product. You should avoid going on and on about how incredible your product is and why it is the best on the market. Instead, you want the viewer to feel like they need to be a part of your brand because it will leave THEM feeling incredible.

Stick to a Singular Focus Point

Most brand videos are around 60 seconds long, so it is essential to stay on topic if you want to get your branding across in that small timeframe. Hook the audience with a catchy opening and keep your focus on the most critical aspects of your video. Do not include useless or nonessential information that will take time away from your video. Remember, you only have about one minute to get your point out and into the minds of your audience.

Additionally, you want to ensure that the point you are trying to send is clear to your viewers. Otherwise, your brand video will serve no purpose and likely won’t send the ideal or desired message, hurting your overall brand.

Choose the Emotions You Want to Spark

One of the most powerful components of a brand video is how it uses the target audience’s emotions to create a memorable brand. When developing a successful video, you want to set up an emotional journey for the audience. Therefore, your brand video production should strongly reflect an emotion related to WHY the consumer should invest in your label.

Take this big game commercial from Amazon for their Alexa system: Amazon’s Big Game Commercial— this commercial was a HUGE hit and had the audience engaged the entire time. It made use of humor from the start of the video. The design of this commercial was incredible because it used a big celebrity, Micheal B. Jordan, to take a hard-to-advertise product to life!

Utilize the Art of Storytelling

One of the most effective ways to connect to your audience and share your company values with them is through the art of storytelling. This goes back to our previous note on how emotional marketing is an important concept in the creation of brand videos. Your video should tell a relatable story to your audience and provide proof that investing in your company will benefit them. Essentially, you are trying to create a sense of urgency, trust, joy, or even fear in the consumer.

Suppose your brand video speaks to the viewers and shares an engaging story with them. In that case, their brains will absorb and store the information for a more extended period of time. Unlike just reading a list of facts, our brains can recall meaningful information more efficiently, especially information that left a lasting impact on us.

Expect Short Attention Spans

You may not want to hear this, but most of your audience will have short attention spans, meaning they will not watch your entire video. For this reason, it is vital to grab their attention at the very start of the video. Therefore, from the beginning, you want to push your core objective and engage the consumer by piquing their interest immediately.

You should assume that your audience will only watch the first 30 seconds of your brand video. Your audience should be able to tell what your company stands for based on the first half of the video. If they can’t identify your brand message within this timeframe, you may lose their interest, resulting in a lack of brand awareness.

The Take-Away

Brand videos are an excellent and effective tool to engage your target audience and promote brand awareness. They often have a long-term impression on viewers as they connect your audience and company through an emotional lens and provide relatable storytelling attributes. However, it is important to follow these basic guidelines, or you could risk losing the interest of your viewers or missing out on an opportunity to share your company’s message.

At AA Frame, we recognize the need for quality and unique brand video production. This is why we have formed a team of skilled videographers and creative thinkers who are dedicated to learning about your company and individual brand guidelines.

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Photo Credit: AMC/Sony Pictures Television