How to Build Audience Trust with Your Video Production

Video content is one of the most intimate and entertaining forms of marketing. There is no better way to connect to your target audience than a series of storytelling and emotional images. This is because media is easily consumable and more engaging than other forms of marketing. If you are trying to build a trustworthy brand, you must focus on your marketing tactics and utilize art forms like video production to share your story, tell your consumers why your product is the best, and why they need to jump on board with your brand.

So, how exactly does video build trust around your company and brand? What does it give you that other marketing strategies can’t?

Share Your Brand Story

A well-rounded brand story will promote brand awareness around your company and product. Brand awareness is a marketing term when consumers recognize a product by its name or logo. When you develop enough brand awareness, you create a sense of worth, trust, and excellence around your name.

Videos help to share your brand story through the art of storytelling and the use of emotion. A quality video will connect to your audience, which will help to humanize your brand in a way that builds trust and respect.

If you want your video production to be effective at boosting your overall brand awareness, it is crucial to understand WHO your target audience is so that you can produce videos that are relevant to their need, desires, and interests.

Establish Expertise

To get your audience to invest in your product or service, you need to leave them confident in your ability to provide what you say you will. You can create an image full of information with video production without boring your audience. For example, with high-resolution videos and engaging content, you can speak on your expertise around your product or service while still providing an entertainment experience for the viewers.

Provide High-Quality Media

Before 4k and high-resolution videos, companies had to describe their product in words, written or spoken. Today, we can combine those words with one of the greatest marketing strategies, imagery…. real-life imagery. This goes back to the saying, “seeing is believing.” When considering buying a product, fully understanding what it looks like, how it works, and what benefits it can bring you is essential to make a purchasing decision.

With a video, you can advertise your product in its absolute best light and make it damn near impossible to ignore. Brightcove shared a study that showed “62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand with a low-quality video experience.” That said, high-value videos leave consumers with the idea that “if they can invest in a quality video, their product must be as good as they say. This, in turn, creates trust and leaves your audience feeling that they NEED to be a part of your brand.

Demonstrate Your Product or Service

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch a video versus the 10% they keep by only reading text. This statistic demonstrates why sharing valuable information regarding your product is critical and why it is crucial to show your audience how your product works and what benefits it will bring into their lives. In addition, they will remember most of the videos you develop, so you want to ensure you display your product to reflect your brand standards.

Additionally, 64% of individuals are more likely to purchase a product that was showcased through a video. Many e-commerce companies will recognize that their most significant disadvantage in the marketplace is not being able to offer their consumers a tangible product. The next best thing to a physical product is demonstrating it in use, at all angles, in the form of a video.

Engage with Your Audience

Using videos to build trust with your audience is more than just filming your product at the best angles, telling an emotional story, and sharing your knowledge in the field. You can use video creation to build trust even after you have shared it with the world.

When a video ends up on social media or other areas of the internet, your viewers can make comments and ask questions. You can build trust by replying when your potential customers reach out to you with these comments and questions.

Why is responding to your viewers so important? A reply to their comments will leave them feeling included, heard, and like your brand has nothing to hide. Ultimately, you will create a dedicated following for your brand. This can turn into long-term customers who keep returning to your company’s product because they TRUST YOU!

Concluding Notions

Using video production to market trust and loyalty to your audience is effective. Utilizing the art of videos can increase your conversion rate, drive more traffic to your brand, and really have a chance to tell your audience what you are all about!

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