Embrace the Art of Minimalist Product Photography

A new trending marketing design is taking over the advertising side of your Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media feed. If you saw it, you would probably recognize the simple visual aesthetic we are referring to. In the marketing and photography world, we call it minimalist product photography or minimalist design.

This marketing strategy is becoming increasingly popular due to its effectiveness in displaying products to consumers via social media platforms and websites that are being viewed on small devices. But what is a minimalist design, and should you put your product in a minimalist light?

What is minimalist design?

A minimalist design focuses on simplicity. When shooting minimalist photography, your concentration should be on a singular object. This could mean focusing on a product you are trying to sell or a feature that represents your branding image.

Often a minimalist photographer will produce an image with a singular focus point and a background that does not take the eyes from the intended core image. For example, the background could be pure white, black, or even abstract colors that are lighter and less distracting than the focus point.

Trending in Popularity

Minimalist photography design is becoming a popularized method in marketing for various reasons, including its ability to create product awareness which converts to sales effectively. Most viewers enjoy images and videos that express a clean format and target their desired aesthetic. Simple designs are artful and attractive, keeping the viewer from becoming overwhelmed and leaving the ad too quickly. So, why should you consider utilizing the art of minimalist photography?

Provides a Clear Focus Point

For starters, as we stated above, minimalist product photography helps to keep the focus on the intended selling point. Images that are cluttered with distracting backgrounds or a large amount of unnecessary detail can divert attention and ultimately make the image confusing to comprehend.

When it comes to capturing a product photo that will encompass quality, beauty, and excellence, it is important to remember that “less is more”. Minimalist product photographers make incredible use of negative or white space to create an attractive and focused image. Ultimately, your goal is to show your target audience your target through an image that incorporates the style of your branding.

More Inviting Design

Another reason to use a minimalist design is that it creates a friendly and inviting environment for the audience. Minimalist designs are more visually appealing than other designs due to their easily comprehendible imagery.

In contrast, a maximalist image will be cluttered and much more challenging for the eyes to adjust to than a simpler, focused, and minimalist design. With a simple design, the audience will be less likely to feel overwhelmed and be able to capture a quick mental image of your product and branding.

Built for the Screen

Minimalist designs are now taking a larger presence on social media than ever. As a result, companies are beginning to see the wonderful benefits of opting for a simpler design regarding advertising. There are several reasons why a minimalist design is built for the screen.

Reason #1 — No Image Distortion: Minimalist images can be placed on small screens without the risk of distortion. With limited details in a minimalist photo, you can view the entire picture clearly, even on a small screen, such as your phone or tablet.

Reason #2 — A Quick Glance is Enough: With a minimalist design, an audience can glance at the image and still take in the important qualities, such as what the product is and whom it was created for. This benefit is widely appreciated across the internet because target audiences have short attention spans and marketers need to get their point across fast and efficiently.

Reason #3 — Better for Screen Loading: These simple designs are not only easy on the viewer’s eyes but also help websites to load faster. With less detail, a site can load the image without lag, creating a tremendously better experience for the user.

The Minimalist Formula

So, is there a specific layout for a minimalist design that works best? The answer is YES. The Minimalist Formula recognizes the common use of solid backdrops, sans serif text, natural textures and colors, and grid-based layouts.

This is a standard marketing design across the industry as it is simple, appealing, and versatile. From beauty products, supplements and clothing lines, this classic minimalist design grabs the viewer’s attention with its clean and visually appealing layout.

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The Bottom Line

Minimalist product photography is a marketing art form widely used across a wide variety of social media platforms, and for a good reason. A simple and clean design provides an aesthetic to viewers that is eye-catching. With minimalist photography, marketers can capture their brand’s image and leave a lasting impression on their target audience more effectively.

Getting Started with Minimalist Product Photography

If you decide that minimalist photography is the right marketing strategy for your brand and product, the first step is hiring a professional photographer. An expert in minimalist design can capture all of your brand’s best qualities and create an image that speaks to your target audience while following the standard minimalist formula.

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